The Kainos Edge Situational Leadership Programme was held at the Kainos Edge Learning Theatre, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria, between the 16th and 17th of November, 2016. Mrs. Wonuola Adetayo, Managing Director Kainosedge Consulting, served as lead facilitator while guest facilitators included Engr Toks, Associate Consultant and Mr. Kayode Pitan, CE Caroline Properties Limited.

The two-day program was attended by thirteen (13) Delegates. Who are CFOs, HRBPs, Business Managers and Managers from various departments. The programme started at 8:30am on Day one. Mrs. Adetayo bequeathed delegates the opportunity to acquaint themselves and highlight some of their key leadership challenges that could be addressed during the duration of the program.

Mrs. Adetayo outlined the objectives of the program which included the learning outcomes expected at the end of the program. She subsequently previewed the 2 days agenda with delegates.

Mrs. Adetayo facilitated the first module titled “what is Leadership” This Module covered the following subjects:  What Effective Leaders do, Leadership Myths and Realities and The 21 Characteristics of a Leader. The session was delivered with a combination of Lectures, videos, Case studies, Group activities and a Knowledge Transfer Personal Action Plan form.

Modules 2 and Module 3 of the program were both taken by Engr Toks titled “Leadership Styles & Productivity” and “The Making of a Great”. Topics included what is leadership? 3 Factors that Differentiate Leadership Style; Types of Leadership Styles. The session was delivered with a combination of Lectures, Case studies, Group activities.

The last module for the day was taken by Mrs. Wonuola Adetayo titled “The Situational Leadership Model”. This module covered topics like Leadership Styles, Roles & Theories, Situational Leadership Theory and follower Readiness. She concluded the day’s program with a wrap up session, summarizing all the learning sessions for the day.

The second day of the program was between 8:30am and 4:00pm on Wednesday 17th November 2016. Mrs. Wonuola started the Day 2 program with a recap on Day 1, and commenced with “Followership Style”, which included topics Kelley’s Leadership Style, The Seven Styles of follower and a detailed followership assessment was taken.

Engr Toks facilitated modules 6 of the program  titled “Courageous Followership”. Topics included Follower –Leader Equation, What is Courageous Followership and The Five Dimensions of Courageous Followership. The session was delivered with a combination of Lectures, Case studies and Group discussions.

Mr. Kayode Pitan facilitated the module titled “The Magnetic Leader”. Topics included Why Employees Leave, What is Magnetic Leadership? While Why Magnetic Leadership. The session was delivered with a combination of Lectures, Case studies and Learning Video.

Mrs. Adetayo brought the program to a close with a wrap up session on some key learnings from the program.whatsapp-image-2016-11-17-at-4-10-11-pm

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