Summary of CIBN Emotional Intelligence Program

The CIBN Emotional Intelligence Programme was held at The CIBN Chambers Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday April 8th – Saturday 9th, 2016. It was managed and facilitated by Mrs. Wonuola Adetayo, Managing Director, Kainosedge Consulting and Mr. Jibrin Jibiya Consultant, Learning and Development. The two day program was attended by Forty Seven (47) Delegates.


Mrs. Wonuola Adetayo facilitated the learning sessions; Your Emotional Intelligence Style, Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Recognise Emotions of Others. Mr. Jibrin Jibiya facilitated the learning sessions; Self-Awareness: Know Your Emotions, Master Your Emotions, Influence Others with Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Management and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Skills.


Delegates were given an opportunity to evaluate the program. Highlights of their feedback are:


  • “Self- Awareness : Know your Emotions and Master Your Emotions: Learning Self-Control and Adaptability” Module was rated as the highest value topics at 90%
  • Facilitator’s rating was 91% for Mrs. Wonuola Adatayo and 88% for Mr. Jibrin Jibiya on Overall Effectiveness
  • Administration of Class room activities was rated 87%
  • Overall evaluation of entire program was rated 90%

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